Kate Mulgrew.....Captain Kathryn Janeway
Robert Beltran.....Commander Chakotay
 Roxann Dawson.....Lt. B'Elanna Torres
Robert Duncan McNeill.....Lt. Thomas "Tom" Paris
Jennifer Lien.....Kes 
Ethan Phillips.....Neelix
Tim Russ.....Lt. Commander Tuvok
Garrett Wang.....Ensign Harry Kim 
Robert Picardo.....The Doctor
Jeri Ryan.....Seven Of Nine


Another groundbreaking Star Trek event was the addition of a female captain. All my initial reservations quickly went out the window as I began to follow this series on a regular basis. I really like Kate Mulgrew as an actress, however, she often leaves me cold when it comes to her command style in this show. In all the Star Trek series and movies, the captain has been able to make me, as a viewer, and as a former officer in the military, believe that they truly had many of the skills of command. Janeway is weak when the situation requires a butt-chewing or a forceful role. I realize that this may be due to personal reasons, but I met enough female officers during my time in the service (that I certainly would not have wanted on my case) to know the difference between one who can and one who can't command.


This series had, it seems, two characters who were special. Neelix and Kes in the early episodes seemed destined for a long-term and very tender relationship. Somewhere along the line this changed. I did not particularly care for this change, but hey! - to each his own. I must say that I do like the new relationship between Paris and Torres which keeps the new tradition of sex in outer space alive.


Prior to the arrival of Seven of Nine, Neelix was the unique character for the series and I hope that, despite the fact that Seven of Nine literally has fans on their hands and knees at the TV, that Star Trek's writers will not lessen the roll of Neelix. In some ways, it is unfortunate that Kes had to leave the series. In my opinion, both Neelix and Seven are the characters with the most room for growth and story lines for this series.

Also, as has always been the case, this new series brought us unique and interesting characters. The most recent season has brought (to the men) Seven of Nine, who without question, one a scale of one to ten is a 50! Jeri Ryan, in "Dark Skies" was a powerful character. I feel she has brought that strength to the role of Seven. Her looks not withstanding, she has many of the characteristics that could make an interesting episode if she took command of Voyager.


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