Truly the greatest idea the creators of Star Trek ever had. I can truly say that all the movies, in my opinion, have been excellent entertainment. I guess I'm not what one might consider a hard-nosed, dyed-in-the-wool type fan who picks apart the television shows and the movies for their numerous flaws. These shows and movies are family entertainment, which parents never have to question for content.







Star Trek IV was my favorite of the TOS series because of its sense of humor and its relationship with today. "Generations" brought (at least on the surface) the end of the reign of Captain Kirk and the beginning for Picard. "First Contact" explained much of the prehistory of Star Trek and I thoroughly enjoyed aquiring that knowledge. Was anybody surprised that first contact was with the vulcans? I thought this was truly an excellent choice by the creators.


Movies like Star Wars, Indiana Jones, E.T., and Star Trek are entainment that can be shared by family members of all ages. Now, movies like Jurassic Park and its sequel can be added to the above list. I wish Hollywood would take note of the amount of money earned by these shows and learn something from the public.


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