Avery Brooks.... Cmdr./Capt. Benjamin Sisko
Cirroc Lofton.... Jake Sisko
Nana Visitor.... Maj./Col. Kira Nerys
Michael Dorn.... Lt. Cmdr. Worf 
Terry Farrell.... Lt./Lt. Cmdr. Jadzia Dax
Colm Meaney.... Chief Miles O'Brien
Rene Auberjonois.... Constable Odo
Armin Shimerman.... Quark
Max Grodenchic....Rom
Aron Eisenberg.... Nog 
Andrew Robinson.... Garak 
Marc Alaimo.... Gul Dukat
Mark Allen Shepherd.... Morn
Nicole de Boer.... Ensign/Lt. Ezri Dax
Jeffrey Combs.... Weyoun / Brunt
Mary Kay Adams.....Grilka


Now this is the series that has truly brought sex to outer space. We have main characters dating and getting married, to each other and to others who will now, I'm sure, become main characters. Who can possibly watch this show and not be glued to Dax, Leta and Kira? They are just HOT! HOT! HOT! Especially Leta in her "dabogirl costume."


We had our first "Wedding" in space of two main characters. Unfortunately the series lost this major and exciting character known as Jadzia Dax who is shown in the picture below. I guess like most fans I wish the change had not been made, especially so near the end of the series.  I really do like the new replacement character Ezri Dax. She has the potential to grow to a very powerful character but why at the end. I hope they do 6 or 7 DS-9 movies to develop all possibilities not just hers.



Now we have intellectual sirens in major positions of authority and who have the physical attributes that make them appealing and can also kick your butt! "The Ultimate Fantasy - I guess" Sometimes I have difficulty with this series because it remains in one place. This, as every Trekker knows, is highly unusual. These series have always sought out their adversaries and their new characters. This series brings them to the station. I think many fans questioned this series' ability to keep alive all the traditions of Star Trek, but my personal opinion is that there is no real difference.

We also have a very interesting character in Quark. Much as I hate to admit it, in many ways he is the most unique and unpredictable character yet created. Each series seems to have one character who becomes a major fan favorite. Spock in the original series, Data in the next generation, Quark in this series and Seven of Nine in Voyager (she, however, is another whole page to herself). These characters always seem to have our greatest sympathy and attention. Quark even marries in this series. His wife Grilka is played by Mary Kay Adams (one of my personal favorite "real people").


There are numerous pictures of these characters (especially the ladies) elsewhere on this site. Below are some of these great looking women in real life.









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