The Original Cast at their last achieved rank

. General Jack O'Neil
played by Richard Dean Anderson
Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter
played by Amanda Tapping

Dr. Daniel Jackson
played by Michael Shanks

played by Christopher Judge

Dr. Janet Fraiser
played by Teryl Rothery

Maj. General George Hammond

played by Don S. Davis

Characters added as some original members left the show.

Jonas Quinn
played by Corin Nemec

Maj. General Hank Landry

played by Beau Bridges

Lt. Col. Cameron Mitchell
played by Ben Browder

Vala Mal Doran
played by Claudia Black

Dr. Carolyn Lam
played by Lexa Doig

Agent Woolsey
played by Robert Picardo


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Sometimes we forget how beautiful these women are...then there's now!!

Some are wallpaper size.