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It gives us great pleasure to provide real estate counseling services to a select group of clients. Free of the confines of the formal appraisal process we work creatively to solve real estate problems.

Some of the work has a financial or valuation element: helping to set an asking price when a property is offered for sale; serving as a disinterested party to advise about whether an offer to purchase should be accepted.

Other situations involve a marketing component: helping to determine the highest and best use for a property; guiding a property owner contemplating a rehabilitation project.

In some instances we act as field investigators, gathering information about a property which may be acquired or sold.

In specific situations we undertake selective marketing functions: for example, acting as a negotiator or representative on behalf of a buyer or seller.

In certain cases we help to identify local real estate professionals who are best able to undertake marketing or leasing responsibilities.

In addition, we also provide court testimony services in regards to the valuation of a property in question on a case. We participate in these arbitrations involving real property.


Our Company Assists in the Following Areas

Valuation Services   Consulting Services
Mortgage Loan Appraisals   Highest & Best Use
Refinance Appraisals   Feasibility Analysis
Proposed Construction   Construction Draw Inspections
Relocation Appraisals   Market Analysis
Pre-sale Price Evaluations    Bankruptcy Settlement      
Insurance Appraisals   Divorce Settlement
Tax Assessment Appeals   Estate Valuation Appraisals
Expert Witness Condemnation Appraisals

Last modified: March 21, 2009