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We provide appraisal services for all sorts of situations. No matter what the reason, we customize an appraisal to meet your specific needs.

Below is an overview and description of the typical types of appraisals we provide.

Listing appraisal

  • A tool designed to offer realtors and sellers informal data on market values and perceptions as an aid to a more successful marketing of property.

Financing and Credit

  • Used to acquire financing on the purchase of property, the construction of new properties, or to establish a line of credit on an existing property..

  Transfer of ownership

  • A transfer or relocation appraisal is utilized when a company transfers an employee.

  Ad Valorem

  • Used to establish a value on properties in which tax levies or assesments are in dispute.


  • Appraisal utilized to establish value on properties being condemed or purchased, generally by a governmental entity.


  • These appraisals are generally performed for the establishing of real property values in the settlement of estates or in estate planning.

Service Overview

Southside Appraisal Services was established with a focus on relationships with people. To that end, I made sure I had the proper equipment to help provide that relationship with my clients. I use the most current technology such as computer data entry and transmission, digital photography, global mapping, and e-mail transmission of reports. All this combined with speed, accuracy and security at all times.

Southside Appraisal Services is built to provide you prompt, accurate, and complete appraisal reports. All at a price you'll find very competitive.

Last modified: March 22, 2009