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Proud to Be An American

... As if you couldn't tell by the general theme throughout most of this web site!!

It's not hard to be patriotic after surviving 4 years in ROTC at University of Richmond and spending 3 years on active duty as an Armor officer and achieving the rank of Captain. Despite the attitude of main stream America at the time, and the extremely poor treatment of the returning Vets from Viet Nam, most of the people with whom I served were proud to be serving their country.

Operation Desert Storm, 9-11 and Operation Iraqi Freedom resurged my passion to show my patriotism although I have always been patriotic.  

Ever since 9-11, not a day goes by that I don't wear something patriotic - whether it be a flag pin, a patriotic t-shirt, sweat shirt or polo shirt, I am always proud of my country.

To Boldly Go...

I guess you could say I am a "closet" Trekkie - from the early days of the original series "Star Trek" to the now ended "Enterprise". I enjoy the these shows, movies and even some conventions. I think Star Trek is about letting us know that we will make it, that there will be a future in spite of all we may see that is evil in this world.

Check out my Star Trek Pages which include my personal photos taken at conventions.

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Stargate SG-1

Oldies, Brits and Classic Rock!

I was raised listening to what is now the Oldies.  I was there when the Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and all the other Brits invaded. I have rocked in the 50's & 60's, and was bored to tears with Disco in the 70's. Thank God for CCR, BS&T, Rare Earth, The Carpenters, Chicago, and the other greats of the 70's and 80's - even including Linda Ronstadt and Aaron Neville.


Computers Are For Work and Play!

You may have figured this one out by now. I use it for work, and I find it to be good entertainment too.

Soccer is the Ultimate Sport! (Link to 2010 world Cup)

Soccer is my favorite sport. I really enjoy watching Soccer on TV even though there is a very limited showing of these games.  I was formerly a coach of youth Soccer teams and played soccer in my spare time in adult leagues.  I think soccer is a great and exciting sport that isn't given enough credit. I recently started trying to attend some "Richmond Kickers" games in Richmond, Va. Thus far I have seen them play other teams in the league and two MLS teams, the Chicago Fire and DC Untied. Truly great games. 

Soccer Links:

Euro2008 Soccer Tournament

Two of my favorite players wallpapers.

  Landon Donovan      Freddy Adu









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