Ben Browder .... Commander John Robert Crichton, Jr.
Claudia Black .... Officer Aeryn Sun
Virginia Hey .... Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan
Anthony Simcoe .... General Ka D'Argo
Gigi Edgley..............Chiana
Wayne Pygram.....Scorpious
Jonathan Hardy .... Dominar Rygel XVI (voice)
Lani John Tupu .... Captain Bialar Crais/Pilot (voice)
Kent McCord .... Jack Crichton

This was a very interesting concept and character mix. Apparently the show was extremely expensive to produce and was therefore cancelled after only 4 years.

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Below is a character identifier for the series.

John Crichton COMMANDER JOHN CRICHTON (played by Ben Browder)
John Robert Crichton, Jr., is a second-generation IASA astronaut with a doctorate in theoretical sciences. He was a popular mission specialist, but his take-charge, heroic side remained untapped until that fateful day when he stepped into his one-man Farscape Module and ended up at the far end of the universe. 

Officer Aeryn Sun OFFICER AERYN SUN (played by Claudia Black)
Officer Aeryn Sun was once an elite soldier in the Peacekeeper corps. Now, after three cycles in exile aboard Moya, her new, non-Peacekeeper friends have taught her how to trust. And human astronaut John Crichton has taught her bittersweet lessons about love and loss. 

Ka D'argo KA D'ARGO (played by Anthony Simcoe)
Ka D'Argo is a huge, powerful Luxan warrior and John Crichton's best friend. D'Argo's first reaction to most situations is to attack first and ask questions never. Having freed his son, Jothee, from slavery, D'Argo has only one more goal in life: to avenge the murder of his wife, Lo'Laan. 

Chiana CHIANA (played by Gigi Edgley)
Young, sexy, and street-smart, Chiana rebelled against the mind-controlled conformity of her fellow Nebari and fled her home planet. To survive in the Uncharted Territories, she's had to lie, cheat, vamp and scam. Fortunately for her, those are her four best moves. She plans one day to join the Nebari Resistance. 

Old Woman NORANTI (played by Melissa Jaffer)
Utu-Noranti Pralatong is a mysterious, three-eyed, hygienically challenged herbalist from the planet Trask. Chef, healer, teacher she has mastered many callings in her 293 cycles of life. The rest of Moya's crew doesn't know quite what to make of this odd newcomer, who has adopted them as her companions in discovery. 

Sikozu SIKOZU (played by Raelee Hill)
Sikozu (full name: Sikozu Svala Shanti Sugaysi Shanu) is a genius and an expert on Leviathans. A native of a world located inside the Scarran Imperium, she now finds herself a fugitive in the Uncharted Territories, with John Crichton and his friends as her unlikely allies. She will learn to value their resourcefulness and their hard-won friendship. 

Rygel XVI RYGEL (operated by Sean Masterson, Tim Mieville, Matt McCoy, Mario Halouvas and Fiona Gentle; voiced by Jonathan Hardy)
Standing all of 26 inches tall when he decides to stand at all Dominar Rygel XVI was the royal sovereign of more than 600 billion loyal subjects. Unfortunately for him, none of them are with him aboard Moya. 

Pilot PILOT (operated by Sean Masterson, Tim Mieville, Matt McCoy, Mario Halouvas and Fiona Gentle; voiced by Lani John Tupu)
Pilot is Moya's control center he monitors and maintains all her systems. He's her major domo, keeping her functioning in top form, speaking for her to passengers and other space travelers, and worrying for her so she doesn't have to. 

Moya MOYA 
Moya is a Leviathan a biomechanoid living ship. For many cycles she was enslaved by the Peacekeepers, until Zhaan, D'Argo and Rygel escaped their prison cells and freed her. She is guided in her journeys by Pilot, who has seen her through everything from near-death experiences to the birth of her son, Talyn. 

So far I have only seen one of the characters at a convention but boy was that a good one!!!!

Virginia_me23.JPG (710601 bytes) 
This is one sweet lady. She was so polite and gentle in her whole demeanor that you could not help but give and get a great hug!!

The women on this show look great in real life...agreed??


All the gals together.


And a couple of wallpapers.