Even though I work on a computer all day doing appraisals (when I am not "in the field" gathering data and viewing properties), I still enjoy computers and consider them a hobby. I guess you could say I have purchased all the technology I could afford. As long as I have the opportunity to utilize the internet for communication with my business clients, my friends, and my family, I have successfully justified the expense.


Photos of family and friends.








Some thoughts that were expressed that I consider part of my life:
 About leadership:
"You can't push spaghetti, you have to pull it!" (Unknown)
"Don't let the bastards win" (Gen. George Patton, USA)
If you are going through Hell, keep going!" (Winston Churchill)
 About life:
"When your last parent dies you realize you must grow up." (Avery Brooks-Actor on Star Trek DS-9)
"Courage is being scared to death but saddling up and going anyway" (John Wayne-Actor in Stagecoach)

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